A scholarly attempt at an interpretation of Sunday's liturgical readings.

Take the Money and Run?

I’ll bet that many of us have things we wish we could do to be famous.  Sing?  Dance?  Play an instrument?  Be a top notch athlete?  The fact is, many of us can’t do any of that.  But does that make us useless in our society?  Certainly not!

The truth is, there is something that we can do well.  We all have gifts.  God did not cheat anyone.  The problem is, we have to find out what that gift is.  In today’s Gospel (the Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time), it seems that in the parable the head of the household is testing the financial skills of his servants.

It is true that the first two servants utilize excellent financial skille in doubling the money while the third does not.  But I wonder if that is all that is being tested.  What if what is really being tested here is “attitude?”  The first two servants did have financial potential, even possible Wall Street mavens.  However, the third servant did not have financial capabilities, but he did not take the money and ran.

What he did do was quite different.

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